Lean Initiatives
K&S has implemented a progressive lean initiatives including a Kanban ordering systems as well as value stream mapping, mistake proofing, 5S, visual dashboards and quick change to eliminate waste and control costs. We also have a trained Black Belt on staff. Ultimately these efforts save our customers time and money. We are capable of providing EDI, ASN, EFT and bar coding. We are also capable of JIT, Kanban and VMI programs.
Green Initiatives
We also consider our impact on the environment in which we live; we have implemented recycling programs on all waste materials glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. We only produce recyclable materials here and have scrap recycling programs in place for everything we process. In addition to recycling we have implemented both heat and cooling waste recovery systems on our lasers and chillers to heat and cool our facilities, reducing cost and decreasing our carbon footprint.